10 Best pet insurance providers in 2023

Top 10 best pet insurance providers in 2023

From PetPlan to Tesco, experienced vet Pete Wedderburn reviews the best pet insurance policies for your dog, cat or other animal friend

I have treated pets in my veterinary clinic for almost forty years and I am a strong advocate of finding the best pet insurance. There is no National Health Service for pets. If your pet is in an accident or has a serious illness, you will need a significant amount of money to pay the vet's fees. You should buy pet insurance as soon as your pet is alive.

The idea is that you budget for a relatively small amount each month to cover pet insurance premiums. Then, if you ever need to go to the vet, you and your vet can just focus on doing what's best for your pet, with the assurance that the pet insurance company will pay expenses.

Planning the best pet is a complicated business, but I'll look at more of the top 10 in this article. I also explain how to choose the best one for you. If you're in a hurry, here's a quick look at my top five:

How much is pet insurance?

Pet insurance pricing depends on a complex calculation of factors, which I explain in the FAQ section at the end of this feature. However, for most people's needs, £25 to £40 per month for a dog or £15 to £25 for a cat will allow you to purchase comprehensive coverage for your pet.

How to choose the right insurance for you

There are no shortcuts to doing this: you need to spend about an hour requesting quotes from three or four different suppliers. You'll need to enter your own details as well as those of your pet, and you'll need to make a choice about as many aspects of the cover as you want. You will then receive a personalized quote, usually accompanied by an email. At the end of this process, you will have three or four price offers and you can decide which company to follow.

There's no such thing as a 'bad' policy, as long as - and this is a big warning - that you're confident you understand the coverage you're buying. The following companies are among the most popular pet insurance providers in the UK. I have ranked them according to their pros and cons. (And if you recently bought a new pet, you might want to read my guides to the best dog food and best cat food next.)

Best pet insurance

1. Agriculture

Agria is the world's oldest pet insurance company, founded in Sweden in 1890. It deserves to be one of the most popular pet insurance companies in the UK since its launch. here in 2009. Agria works hard to listen to stakeholders in the pet care world and claims that Agria is trusted by more than 40,000 veterinarians, animal rescuers and breeders. Ideas and recommendations have a lot of value.

As an example of how Agria helps, five weeks of free insurance are offered to newly rescued dogs and cats (through rescue centers that work with Agria). Agria only offers lifetime pet insurance (which is the most affordable option for most people), but beyond this aspect, you can tailor your policy to suit your individual needs. .

All policyholders have free 24/7 access to the Pet Health Helpline, allowing immediate contact with a qualified veterinary nurse. Agria offers coverage for cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses.

2. Pet plan

PetPlan has played an important role in the UK pet insurance industry for over 40 years, with a proven reputation and philanthropic track record including working with over 1,200 charities across the globe. throughout the UK.

Petplan is a popular pet insurance provider that not only offers long claim submission periods, but also pays out 90% of claims in as little as five days. Their plans have no lifetime or 'conditional' claim limits, and the Petplan app makes it easy to support claims through iOS and Android. Coverage for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and exotics is available. The policies are guaranteed by Allianz.

3. Kennel Club

The Kennel Club runs the UK's main kennel registry, capitalizing on its long experience working with dogs by offering popular pet insurance for dogs. They also offer a specialized type of pet insurance for dog owners. The Kennel Club only offers lifetime coverage, meaning this will cover ongoing illnesses throughout your pet's life. Their flagship policy includes up to £15,000 in vet fees, renewable annually.

As a bonus with the Lifetime Plus policy, you also get a voucher worth £25 to check your fitness health or give your dog an annual vaccination. The policies are underwritten by Agria.

4. Many pets

Many Pets offer good coverage at competitive prices, with some new offers that may be of interest if other insurance providers don't meet your needs. A wide range of options that range from “value” coverage with up to just £2000 in vet fees per year (and much lower monthly premiums) to the most comprehensive pet insurance worth up to £15000 per year.

It is one of the few insurance companies that allows coverage for pre-existing conditions, subject to certain policies.

control. Customers have access to free video calls from veterinarians, as well as a free year of petting with a TrustedHouseSitters membership worth around £100 per year. Many pets are sponsored by Wakam SA.

5. Argos

As you might expect, Argos insurance focuses on value for money. Their policy covers dental coverage, complementary treatments, physical therapy, behavioral diseases, and overseas veterinary costs if you're on vacation when something goes wrong. Currently, they give you £15 to spend in-store when you roll out the new policy. Dogs, cats and rabbits may be insured and policies covered by Pinnacle Insurance Plc.

6. Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets offers 20% off online for first-time customers, plus a host of policies with varying benefits, including particularly well-priced options (but don't forget to read the details on the main policy). exactly what works and what doesn't, is covered by the cheapest plans).

The Healthy Pets insurance website includes comparative quotes for typical dogs and cats, giving examples of their premiums compared to some other pet insurance companies. Healthy Pets is the trading name of Atlanta Insurance Intermediaries Limited.

7. Animal friends

Animal Friends Insurance was established in 1998 to raise funds for conservation and animal welfare charities through the sale of pet insurance and to date they have raised more than £7 million for the cause. more than 650 animal charities around the world. As a contract holder, you get free unlimited vet video consultations 24/7 via the Joii app (subject to fair use policy, which seems reasonable given the A Joii vet consultation usually costs £24.) There is a policy for cats, dogs and horses and they are underwritten by Red Sands.

8. Tesco Pet Insurance

It's hard to beat Tesco Bank's top five-star rated pet insurance policy. With a first-year discount, their dog and cat plans allow you to choose the excess amount that's right for your needs. Extra discounts are offered to Tesco Clubcard cardholders. Free phone and video consultation for medical, nutritional and behavioral advice, 24/7, via Vetfone. The policies are guaranteed by Royal & Sun Alliance Ltd.

9. Sainsbury's Pet Insurance

There are three policy options at Sainsbury's: limited time (up to one year), maximum benefit or lifetime coverage, with a range of payout maximums to choose from for each. It is claimed that it takes less than four minutes to get your quote online.

Sainsbury's Bank offers additional discounts for Nectar cardholders up to 12.5% as well as other benefits. Sainsbury Bank Pet Insurance policies give you free 24/7 access to Sainsbury Bank Veterinary Support, a helpline for any non-emergency pet health questions , behavior and nutrition advice as well as the opportunity to talk to someone if you are saddened by the loss of your pet. Dogs, cats and rabbits may be covered. The policies are underwritten by Pinnacle Insurance plc.

10. Asda Pet Insurance

Asda is known for offering good value and this is the goal of Asda Money pet insurance. There are different types of coverage, from Whole Life to Limited Term. You can choose what type of policy you prefer, as well as your excess provisions, so you can get the coverage your pet needs at a price that works for you. The benefits include a number of different features like 24/7 vet access through the Joii pet care app, tailored preventative care advice, and a free symptom checker tool. Asda Money pet insurance is underwritten and managed by Allianz Insurance Plc.

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