12 Best Travel Destinations of 2023

12 Best Travel Destinations of 2023

Wondering what are the best places to travel in 2023? So did we—so we decided to ask a team of hospitality experts to find out.

Their answers are literally everywhere (in this case, a very good thing). Following the reopening of borders after years of closures due to COVID-19, trips to the Asian mainland and Australasia will be back in full swing, led by countries like Japan and Singapore. Also trending? What Virtuoso chief executive Misty Belles calls a “purposeful isolation” vacation, in which travelers head to far-flung—and far-flung populations—to get away from it all. Pack your bags for Yukon, Chilean Patagonia or Greenland.

Then the hotels opened. In particular, a classic city is seeing the emergence of some new high-end real estate, adding new appeal to this already famous European destination.

Below, find 12 places that are trending for 2023.


While Guatemala has long been in the shadow of its more visited Latin American counterparts, this is a misstep: it offers a real 'best' without the crowds, and is one of the most culturally rich LATAM destinations and time spent with it moment in the limelight. Visit Guatemala clearly to absorb the magnificent natural beauty of its surroundings, but also to connect deeply with its people. The newly opened, luxurious and intimate Villa Bokeh is a game changer for Antigua and marks one of the more enhanced luxury hospitality offerings to date.

Canadian Yukon Territory.

Out of a traveler's desire to experience more unusual discoveries and also life, we are exploring Canada's Northwest Territories and the Yukon, a free and mostly unexplored part of Canada. The Northwest Territories are full of wildlife, Indigenous-owned accommodation and a unique location to depending on the season witness the majesty of the Aurora; The Yukon is marked by historical landmarks, rich cultures, and resplendent landscapes. However, what makes it most special are the locals that you will meet along the way. -Tom Marchant

North Pole

While Antarctica becomes the darling of adventure tourism in 2022, look to the North Pole to become the next “must see” place. Iceland and now Greenland both offer “deliberate isolation”—an opportunity to escape the crowds and explore your own personal limits—and that is where people will turn next to admire the unspoiled beauty and a glimpse of the Northern Lights. -Misty Belles, executive director at Virtuoso

Malaga, Spain

More Airbnb guests have searched Málaga for their 2023 travel than any other city in the world. Málaga has experienced a cultural renaissance over the past decade, making it a vibrant cultural hub on the beautiful Costa del Sol. Several new museums have opened there, including the Center Pompidou, a modern art treasure house housed in a block of multicolored glass. The street art scene is equally amazing, with colorful murals covering the entire neighborhood. -Catherine Powell, Head of Global Hosting at Airbnb

Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Mozambique's Bazaruto archipelago consists of five islands, famous for their white sandy beaches and diverse marine life. The second largest of them, Benguerra, has quietly emerged as a wild and stealthy upscale getaway. Stay at the newly opened Kisawa Reserve, or at and Off Benguerra Island both ways, you'll enjoy a truly remote tropical getaway, where the coastline stretches for miles without people or buildings. any house in sight. Take a dhow, a traditional African fishing boat, or ask your guesthouse to take you on a tour of the dugong (a rare species of manatee).

Basilica, Italy

Tick Puglia and Sicily off the bucket list? As an obsessive explorer of southern Italy, my money is that Basilicata is the upcoming region to watch (and ideally visit) in 2023. Visitors are likely already familiar with the caves. Ancient caves, winding hilltop streets and ruins Matera's Baroque churches the town that was also the setting for a thrilling car chase in the most recent Bond film, No Time to Die—but this still-unspoiled area also boasts pristine beaches, a fascinating history, and fresh seafood. Looking for the perfect base? Head to Maratea, known as the “Tyrrhenian jewel,” where the founders of the famous Puglia region Borgo Egnazia opened the glamorous 5-star Santavenere hotel.


Japan is on everyone's list and the pent-up demand is unbelievable. Before the pandemic, this was the “it” destination, so bornate domes and a restaurant that serves both avant-garde cocktails and Sunday roasts. Later this year, the city will welcome the luxury boutique hotel 100 Princes Street, with interiors inspired by Alexander McQueen, as well as Richard Branson's Virgin Hotel.

Douro Valley, Portugal

If you're looking for some of the most eye-catching scenery (and fine wine) in all of Europe, head to the lush, dramatic slopes of northern Portugal's Douro Valley next year. The center of the region is just an hour or two's drive east of Porto, with the journey by car being a highlight: riding the narrow, winding roads descending from the mountains feels like perfection. Enter a whole other world, as you traverse idyllic streets. Vineyards and charming villages dot the hillside. There's a lot of history here too the quaint pilgrimage town of Lamego with its grand tiled stairs and magnificent cathedral is the highlight—as well as a growing list of luxury businesses, including Six Senses here are particularly spectacular. But more than anything, it's a place to rest, relax and enjoy the good life in Portuguese style.


With such little traffic over the past two years, it's something I have to go and visit again and again that's on the top of my list. The food, the people, and the fusion of nature and the city is a must for anyone looking to have a great time. It will be especially interesting if you can come to the city for the Singapore Grand Prix—the city becomes electric.

Patagonia National Park, Chile

In 2018, Chile dedicated 11 million acres of land to national parks supported by the largest private donation of land from a private foundation to a country. The Tompkins Conservation Foundation's conservation efforts (named after philanthropist and businessman Doug Tompkins of North Face and Esprit heritage) helped pave the way for Chile to dramatically expand conservation of the original Patagonian wilderness. profile. Today, covering more than 750,000 acres in Australia's Aysén region, Patagonia National Park is formed by land donated to Chile and is part of the new Patagonian National Parks Network. What makes this area stand out is its inherent biodiversity and remoteness it's not easily accessible and is just under the radar, miles away from the more visited areas of the country. Argentina's Patagonia. The newly opened Explora Lodge is where your Chile adventure kicks off, while in Santiago check into the newly opened elegant and secluded Hotel Magnolia and stay at Atacama at Tierra Atacama.

Rome, Italy

Rome is seeing an explosion of luxury hotels this year, from Edition, Bulgari, Six Senses. The Eternal City has always been a classic place to visit, but these highly anticipated properties—many of them modern—will only add to the interest.

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